The Ultimate Alps & Dolomites

02/23/2020 through 09/10/2020
02/23/2020 through 09/25/2020

The Ultimate Alps & Dolomites

Time to enjoy an interlude of Alpine magic… by definition, an interlude means a short play or dramatic entertainment, a musical composition inserted between the parts of a longer composition or an intermission or pause… all of which apply in some form to our delightful respite in the alpine countries of Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria… and in 2020, we include the once-in-a-decade Oberammergau Passion Play…
Journey through some of the most inspiring scenery on earth, and climb to mountain summits via aerial cable car for sweeping panoramas of alpine splendor. Explore the exciting cities of Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Lucerne, and colorful Alpine villages and towns like Bolzano, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Oberammergau – where, in 2020, you’ll experience, live and in person, the pageantry of the famous Oberammergau Passion Play, only performed in the first year of each decade. Savor a real taste of the Alps at a Swiss cheese-making demonstration, lunch with a tour and schnapps tasting at a 400-year-old farm, dinner in Berchtesgaden’s salt mines, lunch in the Dolomites and meeting a noted Italian mountain climber, and an adventure at the summit of Mt. Titlis in the Swiss Alps. Your spirits will soar as high as the mountains as you discover the Alps…


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